Friday, January 30, 2009

A Cultural Treasure -- WWE's Vince McMahon sings

Sometimes you come across cultural treasures on Youtube that rival anything Donny and Marie had done on their variety show in the 1970s. This is Vince McMahon doing a musical number at the 1987 Slammy pro wrestling awards. I love how the wrestlers are "playing" the instruments. Hulk Hogan is a real bass player, but the other guys?? Honky Tonk Man, Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Junkyard Dog, et al. playing backup. Vince needs a musical special on prime time network television. The only thing that could improve this is if Rowdy Roddy Piper came out to do a mid-song rap.

This was amended (7-22-10) after you tube pulled down the prior version of the video.


Jeffrey said...

I don't know which is worse, this guy writing this or me finding it. May God have Mercy on us both.

Lost in the Supermarket said...

I have to find this album! This is amazing stuff. I remember this being promoted in the late 80s. iTunes has a whole bunch of WWE stuff, but I don't think anything matches up with this gem.