Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bittersweet -- The Hoodoo Gurus

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's on my mind...(July 21, 2010 edition)

Is there a cooler job than working on Mythbusters? They get paid to break stuff and use explosives all in the name of science. Also, Kari Byron's on the set.

My sister came across some videos of Don Kirschner's Rock Concert and put some videos up on her Facebook page of the Ramones blasting through four songs.... I came across this treat by T-Rex.

On a more serious note, NJ Gov. Chris Christie is proposing that the state take over the Atlantic City casino district in an effort to save it. He's also planning to sink more money into the ill-fated mondo-mall by the Meadowlands -- Xanadu. What happened to the magic of the marketplace? Meanwhile he's letting horse racing at the Meadowlands, a big money loser, fall by the wayside. I could see the rationale for ending subsidies for horse racing. The market doesn't support it anymore. But the other two steps defy "conservative," small government. It is essentially broadening government oversight of Atlantic City, the casino business and now is putting the government in the mall business. Xanadu, which shares the name of a lousy Olivia Newton John movie, has cursed any company attempting to complete the $2 billion shopping center. The state is now sinking good money after misspent money. New Jersey has enough difficulty filling the stores in its malls and downtown shopping districts. Xanadu might be best served running as a flea market, since the current economy is not going to support all of these luxury retailers that were originally planned for it.

SNY showed an hour-long documentary celebrating the 1986 New York Mets. I love this team, but it's a grim reminder about how long it has been since the Mets have won a World Series.