Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The latest cool stuff...

This is an adolescent thing to do, but I thought it would be fun to share some things that I like right now. Some of this probably already appeared on my facebook profile. Apologies to those who have seen some of this before. I even liked some TV this week, a rarity:
-- Mad Men's episode "A Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency" shook up some of the listlessness from the first few episodes this season. Matt Weiner shows off his Soprano roots by placing unusually violent action into a plot. The show worked well on an acting and literary level. The title was a nice play on words. The symbol of snakes figured prominently. (Guy being a snake in the grass, Don speaking with Connie Hilton, Pryce's gift) A bit of foreshadowing of the JFK assassination (the tractor ride with the woman riding through the office and Joan looking like Jackie Kennedy) and Vietnam (the boys who never saw combat at sterling cooper covered with blood). Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery) had some great lines in the episode. "It looks like Iwo Jima here" ... "He was just getting his foot in the door."

-- House's premier was exceptional. It was nice to see Hugh Laurie working someone that could dish out as well as him, Andre Braugher (a favorite from Homocide: Life on the Street).

-- The EMT Spot -- I ride for Metuchen EMS. We are not a busy first aid squad. I consider myself fortunate, but it is important to refresh skills or keep certain things in mind when responding to calls. This page and the yahoo bulletin boards for NJ EMTs are very useful. On a related note, Congratulations are in store for Travis Hendon, who delivered a baby on a call at a gas station earlier this week when he was riding for Edison. I managed to get some ambulance driver training in this weekend!
-- Joe Perri, my colleague at Coyne PR, attempted to eat half a sheet cake in 10 minutes. I salute you for the effort! Nice work by Coyne's graphics department with the video footage.
-- Yo La Tengo came out with a new album, Popular Songs.