Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Martial arts classes are leaving me a bit achy! Had jiu jistsu class and learned choke holds and counters.

Also had dicey first aid call last night. Lesson to smokers: Quit now! COPD is a bitch. Patient was unresponsive and lung sounds were absent when I first listened even though she was breathing (accessory muscles were working to inhale). We brought her to the hospital alive. It was my scariest call so far as an EMT and I couldn't sleep until 3:30.

Now to leave you with some cool stuff:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mexico drug gangs threaten cops on radio, kill them

A real tragedy that reflects a breakdown of law and order in Mexico's border cities. It's affecting not just Tijuana, but cities where drugs are being trafficked into the U.S. Even EMTs in Mexico are not safe (gangsters shooting them while treating patients or threatening them for failing to save patients). It's a sad plight for a country whose people deserve much better. This Reuters story spells out the threats to police.

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